What Is A Plantain Herb

According to mountain rose herbs. In fact the saxons included it in their list of nine sacred herbs way back in the 10th century.

Plantain Herb Uses And Health Benefits Plantain Herb Medicinal Herbs Healing Herbs

Plantain is a low growing herb with a multitude of uses.

What is a plantain herb. Plantain is a medicinal herb with a long history. In some circles plantain is regarded as a weed but it s actually one of the best healing herbs on the planet. There are over 200 species of plantain.

The plantains used as medicinal herbs are low growing plants that you can find growing almost anywhere. The oval or heart shaped leaves are arranged in a rosette at the base level. Plantain or plantago major is a common backyard herb with broad leafs.

Legend has it that alexander the great discovered it and brought it with him back to europe in 327 bce. This perennial plant produces greenish flowers and has large oval shaped leaves that can. Plantain what is plantain.

Plantain is a low dwelling perennial plant with oval ribbed short stemmed green leaves and can be found almost everywhere in new zealand as in most of the world though is thought to be indigenous to eurasia. It thrives in sun or shade and in almost any soil condition. Plantain also known as broadleaf plantain plantago major is native to europe and certain parts of asia.

Most people think of it as a weed though it is an incredibly useful herb. The plant is found growing in open habitats and typically occurs on tracks and paths subject to trampling disturbed roadsides field edges and grasslands compacted soil along paths vacant lots and waste areas. Plantain leaf also works well as an infused oil or salve and can be applied as a wash or compress.

Plantain is a perennial weed with almost worldwide distribution. Plantain spreads by seeds does not seam fussy where it grows. Plantain herb is an herbaceous perennial plant that grows about 12cm in height.

Plantago major which is also known as common plantain broad leaf plantain devil s shoestring or white man s foot. The leaves have 3 9 elastic veins that are thick and dark green. You may also know it as the bandaid plant a nickname it picked up because of its quick relief and ease of use.

This month s featured video. Plantain is a low growing perennial plant belonging to the plantaginaceae or the plantain family. Major are among the most widely distributed and they grow aggressively.

It s high in mucilage and a number of inflammation modulating compounds adom et al 2017 which give it a moistening soothing emollient quality. It is most often used for bee stings and insect bites. Some common ones are.

Any way you prepare it plantain is a premier wound mending herb. Plantain is wind pollinated facilitating its growth where there are no bees and few other plantain plants. There are about 250 species.

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