What Are Biennial Plants

A short stem and low basal rosette of leaves form and remains through the winter months. In between annuals plants that flower and die within one season and perennials plants that live longer than two years is another plant category known as biennials which are short lived perennials that usually take two growing seasons to complete their life cycle.

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Biennials are a smaller group of plants that have a two year growth cycle.

What are biennial plants. Biennials complete their life cycle in two growing seasons. Annuals meanwhile germinate grow bloom set seed and die within one year. In their second year they flower and form seeds then die.

Biennial plant growth begins with seeds that produce the root structure stems and leaves as well as food storage organs during the first growing season. During the second they produce flowers fruits and seeds and then die. Basically biennials in the garden are flowering plants that have a two year biological cycle.

Sugar beets and carrots are examples of biennials. Biennial any plant that completes its life cycle in two growing seasons. In the first year they produce only roots stems and leaves.

If biennials are planted in a location that can aid in reseeding you can have a full foliage of these plants every year. Shallots are an example of a biennial plant. See also annual perennial.

During the first growing season biennials produce roots stems and leaves. Examples of biennial plants are members of the onion family including leek some members of the cabbage family common mullein parsley fennel lunaria silverbeet black eyed susan sweet william colic weed carrot and some hollyhocks. Following is some more information about biennial plants along with their characteristics and a list of biennial vegetables and flowering plants.

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