Transplanting Asparagus

Once you can get under the root system gently pull up until the plant is free. You want to move your plants whilst they are dormant ideally in the spring just as or before the soil starts to warm and before the spears start to shoot.

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Alternatively you can also transplant them in the autumn just as the tops are dying back.

Transplanting asparagus. After planting asparagus you should wait at least two years before beginning to harvest. Transplanting asparagus is difficult but worth it for the best growth from your plants. Prepare the bed for the transplanted asparagus.

Pull weeds and remove rocks and other debris. Dig compost manure peat moss or some other organic material into the top 2 to 4 inches of soil. What time of year to transplant asparagus.

When planting asparagus make a deep and wide enough trench to accommodate its extensive root system. Once divided gently lift out the crown and lightly trim the roots. Use a garden shovel to feel around each asparagus plant for roots.

Start the seeds in trays in the greenhouse or under a grow lamp indoors. When an asparagus bed is well established it is often recommended to start with new crowns rather than trying to dig up the established roots of the old ones. Neighbors plots can often provide.

Plant seeds inch 1 3cm deep in soil mix in cells as small as 1 5 by 1 5 inches 3 8 by 3 8cm by 2 inches 5cm deep planting one seed per cell. Untangle roots using your hands or a garden. However since your plant is only three years old it should be easy enough to dig up.

Asparagus beds should be moist but not soggy. Growing asparagus and harvesting. After the soil settles fertilize the plants with an all purpose balanced fertilizer.

Treat your newly divided and transplanted asparagus like a brand new planting. Start asparagus seeds 12 to 14 weeks before transplanting seedlings into the garden. How to transplant asparagus it s usually easier to use a spade fork to locate and divide tangled asparagus roots.

Early spring is the ideal time to transplant asparagus although the fall is acceptable as well. In drier parts of the country wild asparagus which is simply the wayward offspring of the garden plant is sometimes found along streams and irrigation banks. Keep your asparagus bed weeded by lightly cultivating around the plants.

In the third year you can harvest a respectable amount for about three weeks and finally in the fourth year you can harvest for eight full weeks after the first spears appear. Apply 1 pound of granular fertilizer per 100 square feet. Transplanting asparagus should be done when the crown is dormant.

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