Traditional Christmas Plants

It blooms with festive bright red flowers that are the perfect match for traditional christmas colours. The plant is native to central america and was introduced to the united states in 1825 by joel roberts poinsett.

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Surprisingly while holly is a traditional christmas plant its origins date back to the druids who thought the plant represented everlasting life.

Traditional christmas plants. Christmas cactus are native to brazil where they grow wild on the surface of rocks and trees. Holly and ivy tend to go together in song and in holiday celebrations. The chichilaki is a traditional christmas decoration from western georgia made from dried hazelnut branches shaved into the form of a small tree.

Holly holly is not typically sold as a live plant at christmas but the bright red berries of female holly bushes against its dark green pointed leaves are a popular decoration at christmas. Other varieties produce snowy white flowers ideal for that winter wonderland look. Poinsett was the first us minister to mexico.

Today rosemary is sold as a christmas plant pruned in the form of a christmas tree. For many people a poinsettia in the home is a traditional part of christmas. Poinsettias are nearly as classic as christmas movies.

Nov 26 2014 many christmas plants are tropical plants and are actually very well suited for our cosy winter homes and offices. The christmas cactus is known for its bright flowers usually pink or red and waxy foliage. Amaryllis is a popular christmas bloom.

Choose plants that have little yellow flowers called cyathia in the center of the colored leaves says gary vollmer product and technical manager with selecta north america a poinsettia breeder. The holly shrubs that we all know as traditional christmas plants have pointed leaves red berries and small white blooms. It blooms over the christmas season hence the species name.

It is strongly associated with pride. The flowers are very large and trumpet shaped making them naturally eye catching. Holly is a plant that requires full sun and well drained soil that is a bit on the acidic side to grow properly.

Ivy with its festive star like leaves is another christmas plant known to ward off evil spirits as bad luck as well as symbolize new growth. Not exactly a rose but a member of the buttercup family this christmas plant has a story behind it with a little shepherd named madelon as the main character. See more ideas about christmas plants plants tropical plants.

The scientific name of the poinsettia is euphorbia pulcherrima. They have long been an important part of orthodox. Ivy is a popular way to decorate christmas wreaths and it keeps green throughout the year.

Not exactly one of the christmas plants with a legend behind it this tall and striking flower was revered during the victorian times. What is more traditional that a green christmas tree.

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