Tips For Planting A Container Garden

Container plants require more frequent watering than those growing directly in the garden. Most plants will do well when fertilized with compost tea diluted fish emulsion or seaweed extract.

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Some plants need deeper root space while others may need shallower root space but more room to climb or sprawl.

Tips for planting a container garden. When you are choosing plants for your container make sure that they will play well together. The beauty of container gardening is that you can have a garden practically anywhere. Try to plant in odd numbers which will give your container a more designed asymmetrical look.

Add this part to your planner and feed regularly depending on your type of plant needs. This means that all the plants in one pot should all require the same amount of light and moisture. They have very few insect and disease problems have shallow roots and take up very little space.

Garlic leeks and shallots make great container gardening plants. Put tall supports in the container when planting seedlings. Plants should be sized to the container and containers should be sized to the area.

Water frequently and keep them fertilized. Water whenever the soil surface feels dry to the touch. If you are planting a mixed container ignore spacing requirements and plant densely.

If vegetables are your favorite why not start a vegetable container garden. Container gardening goes far beyond a few flower pots on your front porch. Plants that typically grow well in containers include.

And be sure to keep this rule of thumb in mind when selecting plants for your container. Be sure the soil is uniformly moist before planting. If you combine plants with different needs some of them will not thrive.

This is especially important for hanging baskets that dry out faster because they are buffeted by the wind. Keep taking care of your container garden feeding is another important part when it comes to container plants. Like peas tomatoes need a support system.

Consider the size of your container plant roots and mature plant size in figuring out what will do well in your given space and how many seeds to plant. Tips for planting your container garden 15. During hot sunny periods you ll probably have to irrigate every day.

You will need to prune plants once they fill in. Some potatoes need a 120 day growing season so look for varieties that mature early. Before planting lay out your plants to ensure they complement each in terms of size color and growing requirements.

Many vegetables and fruits can easily be grown in containers.

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