Tips For Growing Fern Plants

Feed your ferns. Good air movement is also important.

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However you choose to approach this portion of caring for your fern be mindful of the fern s roots to ensure they don t become damaged during the splitting or transplanting process.

Tips for growing fern plants. Shake the spores off the paper or bag directly on top of the mix and press gently so the spores make good contact with the soil. Mist the surface of the potting mix to moisten the spores and keep them in place. Each new plant will need to be potted.

Water more than you normally would as this will get the soil ready and begin to get the fern used to it s new area. These tips should help you grow and. 7 fill in excess space with soil don t pack too tightly leave the soil soft.

Continuing with the fernitup series that covers ferns in details today i give you my 8 tips for growing healthy ferns. You can check to see if you need to add water by using a rain gauge. A weak liquid fertilizer or slow release pellet fertilizer is perfect.

They can become too hot. This will give it room to grow. Another option is to cut the fern in half to create two plants.

As forest floor plants wild ferns thrive on a steady supply of gently decaying organic matter. In the home this means giving them a steady supply of weak fertilizer during the growing season. Fill a flat or another container with sterile moistened potting mix designed for ferns.

One inch of rain or watering per week is recommended for most perennial plants. You can add a few drops to the water you use for misting the fern. Avoid windows that face the west or south directions.

Until the fern plants become established some protection from extreme winds and direct hot sunlight may be necessary. Pour water into the area. When transplanting a fern be sure to use fresh potting soil and choose a pot larger than what the plant needs in its current state.

Tips for growing indoor ferns most fern plants are happy with indirect light from a north facing window or during the summer in the filtered light from an eastern exposure.

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