Tips For Bringing Outdoor Plants Indoors

New growth should start soon. When you bring in your outdoor plants you need to ensure you avoid placing them in a location where they will experience extreme temperatures.

Bring Your Houseplants Inside But Leave The Bugs Outside Plant Bugs Inside Plants Plants

If your plants have been used to bright light try to put them in similar light indoors like a south window or under plant lights on a timer for 16 hours a day.

Tips for bringing outdoor plants indoors. For both outdoors and indoors. If executed well your outdoor garden is sure to thrive as an indoor garden. However if you don t it s always advisable to use grow lights for supplemental plant lighting.

As one can imagine outdoor plants are exposed to their fair share of insects and other pests. Trust me i know. We offer suggestions for bringing nature indoors this season.

If you have a sun room with great exposure count yourself lucky. You probably will get better growth indoors now though if outdoors is getting too cold or cloudy all the time. Tips for bringing plants in for the winter.

For example move a plant that s in full sun outdoors to a shadier area outside. Place it a cool spot 45 to 50 degrees fahrenheit with low light. You can switch out the supporting plants and prune the evergreens to keep them in bounds.

Bring them inside while the windows are still open and the temperature indoors is about the same as outdoors. Do not be too worried about leaf drop as the plants adjust to interior conditions. Before bringing plants indoors thoroughly check through all the leaves or blossoms and repot when necessary.

Absolutely spray for bugs before it goes in and once a week after until the last two weeks skip those. That way they ll be able to adjust to the change in temperature and humidity more easily rather than waiting until a frost is expected and then bringing them into a dry heated home. Trying to do a marathon weekend of debugging and moving plants back inside can be very stressful and exhausting for you and hard on your back.

If you have a lot of houseplants growing outdoors i recommend bringing plants back indoors in small batches. In spring move the plant back into a sunny spot and resume watering regularly. Once you ve decided which plants to move indoors give them time to acclimate to being houseplants.

Tips on bringing the garden indoors this winter february 12 2019 february 11 2019 two of the easiest indoor plants to grow are the spider plant and the jade plant says gardening views columnist mary fran mcquade. When moving your plants indoors be sure to place them in areas with plenty of bright light indirect sunlight wherever needed. Spray with some basic neem oil spray.

Bring the plants indoors before frost and trim them to about 6 inches. With this in mind here are five essential tips for bringing outdoor plants indoors for the winter.

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