Standard Shower Curtain Size

Sizes that are considered standard for shower curtains are based on standard sized tubs and showers. While some shower curtains come in unique lengths the standard sizes that you are going to find today include.

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This design incorporates an extra 12 inches of width to ensure a full appearance and generous folds when pulled shut.

Standard shower curtain size. Rather it offers the appearance of folds even when the curtain is completely shut across the tub. Standard shower curtain size the industry standard for a shower curtain is 72 inches by 72 inches. Complete reviews with comparisons.

I think that the curtain should be long enough to cover your entire door but not so long that it covers the. 70 inches by 70 inches 70 inches by 72 inches. Measurements are width by length.

Looking for new shower curtains. Before you buy the first one you see you should know what is the standard size for a shower curtain. 72 x 72 inches most popular standard curtain size.

The manufacturers incorporate an additional 12 inches of fabric to their width to make sure the curtain has adequate folds and provide complete coverage when pulled shut. 84 x 74 inches extra wide bathtub. The recommended width of a shower curtain is the width of your shower plus 12 inches.

So we will now look at the standard shower curtain sizes based on these numbers. However like most theories don t trust those figures blindly because designer curtains can be up to 86 inches wide and 108 inches long. These standard measurements can cover a 60 inch tub properly with some allowance to ensure that when the curtain is closed it isn t pulled too tight.

The standard shower curtain sizes are 70 x 70 inches 70 x 72 inches and 72 x 72 inches. These shower curtains for a bathtub shower are designed to fit a standard 60 inch long tub. The standard shower curtain height is around 72 inches.

These are considered the standard shower curtain sizes because most bathtubs are around 58 to 60 inches wide. This includes covering a 60 tub properly. Check out our best shower curtains of 2020.

The standard size of a shower curtain is 70 inches wide by 72 inches high. A typical free standing shower stall will measure about 50 inches to about 54 inches wide and about 78 inches tall. Assume that the shower curtain will hang approximately 1 1 2 inches below the center of the rod and that you would like.

70 x 84 inches extra tall. In addition it includes up to 12 so that when the curtain is closed it isn t pulled tight. That s why it should always be a bit longer.

54 x 78 inches stall shower curtain sizes. In theory most shower stall curtains are about 54 inches wide and they are around 72 inches wide for typical bathtubs. How to measure standard shower curtain width.

Standard shower curtains for bathtubs the basic idea is to have a shower curtain that is about 10 to 12 inches wider than your bathtub. 72 x 96 inches floor to ceiling shower.

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