How To Transplant Peonies

Set the eyes no deeper than 2 inches 5 cm below the soil level. In a pinch you can place them in part shade but you ll see fewer flowers.

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Neither sticky clay nor sandy gravel will yield a healthy peony but the cure for both situations is the same.

How to transplant peonies. September is the best time to transplant established peonies. Mix it in 50 50 with the native soil. Try to retain as much of the root system as possible.

Planting peony too deep results in poor bloom production. Peonies need soil with good drainage. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the root ball.

To start transplanting peonies begin digging around the outside edge of the clump slowly working your shovel beneath the clump. Then carefully dig around and under each plant. Gently loosen the clump from soil until you re able to lift it free of soil.

As for soil anything will do as long as it drains well. Expect roots to be roughly as deep as the peony is tall. Amending the soil with compost.

Transplanting the peonies 1 choose a spot in full sun with well draining soil to dig the hole. Peonies need at least 6 hours of sunlight each day and nutrient rich soil. Where to transplant peonies your peonies will give you the most flowers if they get at least 6 hours of sun every day.

Prepare the soil for peonies. Begin by cutting the peony stems near ground level. Peony root divisions should be transplanted as soon as possible.

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