How To Throw A Raclette Party

If you re unfamiliar raclette is a strong and pungent semi hard cow s milk cheese from switzerland. 150g 200g raclette cheese per person thick sliced.

How To Throw A Raclette Party Recipe Raclette Party Raclette Dinner Party Raclette

You want to pick small new potatoes and boil or bake them before your party.

How to throw a raclette party. 4 6 baby potatoes per person boiled until tender. It turns out that right after the cheese the second most important ingredient is potatoes. We love capsicum zucchini and eggplant 2 slices of middle cut bacon per person.

Similar to fondue it s a popular winter social event in the alpine areas of europe. I would say it s a flavor and texture combination of gruyere swiss cheese and mozzarella all wrapped into 1. We used emmi raclette which had a nice mild aromatic flavor perfect to pair with a variety of foods more on that later.

The key is to have a nice variety of meats veggies and bread for topping with the gooey cheese. Vegetables of your choice washed well and chopped hint. How to throw a raclette party.

You ll get a crisp flavorful crust if you just scrape away some of it. One of the most important aspects of throwing a raclette party is of course the cheese. By alexandra jones photography by tami seymour november 15 2019.

Source european cheeses and regional favorites for your melting pleasure. When melting the raclette make sure you don t overcook it. Melt with you.

So what exactly do the swiss serve when throwing a raclette party nowadays. Throwing a raclette party is easy. Raclette party recipe equipment.

Throwing a raclette dinner party is a super easy and delicious dinner perfect for a large group. There are 2 kinds of raclette machines. I don t hate so do what you d like.

If you don t have a raclette machine you can use a nonstick pan to melt slabs of the cheese it s just a little messier. Here are a few other factors to consider to ensure your raclette party is a success. You melt slices of raclette on individual trays inside a special raclette grill drizzling the cheese over an assortment of potatoes pickles meats and veggies.

To throw a raclette dinner party you ll need a half wheel of raclette cheese. One holds a quarter wheel of the cheese and heats it under a lamp the other heats individual portions of cheese on little pans. You can find raclette cheese at just about any grocery store.

Do not completely cut off the rind of the cheese. Vermontmade reading raclette cider washed marigold from oley pa based valley milkhouse and funky italian fontina d alpeggio. What you need to throw a raclette dinner party.

So behold jeremy s raclette dinner party tips below. This is probably where you as the hostess will spend the most amount of work before the party.

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