How To Start A New Garden

To start a garden check online to see what plants thrive in your region then decide what kinds of plants you want to grow such as vegetables flowers herbs or a combination. Vegetables also grow well in containers and pots raised beds or undercover in polytunnels and greenhouses.

So You Ve Bought Your New Homestead What Now Learn From Our Mistakes And Start Your New Vege Vegetable Garden Planner Garden Planning Layout Vegetable Garden

Here are tips for where to start.

How to start a new garden. Color your garden now with alyssum calendula chinese forget me nots dianthus drummond phlox english daisy fuchsia edging lobelia pansies petunias. When plants are positioned from east to west they tend to shade each other too much. One of the best times of year to start a new vegetable garden is in autumn you can choose to start a traditional garden if you have a large enough space and if you deem it suitable.

Start by mowing the grass in the planting area as short as possible. Then cover the newspaper with 4 to 6 inches of good soil. 2 choose a location to start your garden.

Next cover the area with a clear plastic tarp that s been cut to the desired size of your new garden space. Want to start a garden. Use a tiller spade shovel or garden fork to turn the soil over.

5 test your soil. The newspaper will eventually decompose and the turf and weeds will be smothered. It should break apart look moist and not stick to your tools.

6 build your soil. Then hose down the area to dampen it thoroughly. You feed the soil so that it can feed your veg.

That s enough to provide a satisfying harvest of herbs greens or easy vegetables while you get a feel for the amount of time and effort it takes to water and weed. There may be some defiant weeds that poke through but not so many you can hand weed them. A spade or shovel may be the best to use for a very new and firm bed.

Keep your first garden manageable so you don t get overwhelmed. 3 plan your garden beds. Orient your garden from north to south to get maximum sun exposure.

Next choose a spot in your yard where your chosen plants will get the sunlight and drainage they need to survive. If the soil is not moist you can add water with a garden hose. 1 decide what you d like to grow in your home garden.

4 invest in basic garden tools. How to start a garden 10 basic steps. No matter where you put your garden or what you decide to plant there are three basic requirements for success.

7 choose the right seeds or transplants. Place a thick layer eight to 10 sheets of newspaper over the garden bed and wet it thoroughly. For beginners a plot 3 feet by 3 feet is a good size.

The soil should be damp but not wet when you are working with it. Or plant no more than half a dozen good sized pots. Weigh down the edges of the plastic with bricks for example to keep it in place.

Sun water and soil.

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