How To Stake Tomatoes

As they grow tie your tomato plants to the strings. To stake tomato plants start by making or buying stakes that are 6 feet tall and strong enough to support the plant.

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Once the plants get about 9 inches tall tie a string to the first stake at the beginning of the row about 6 inches above the ground and pull the string in a loop around the next stake.

How to stake tomatoes. Connect them with 3 4 or 5 cables or strings depending on the height. Every 5 feet 1 5m hammer posts or sturdy stakes deep into the ground. Hammer stakes into the ground with a tomato plant in between each stake.

Another easy option is to use a tomato cage a wire frame that surrounds the plant and keeps it upright. Plant your tomatoes in a long straight line. Then place the stake 3 inches to the north of the plant so that it doesn t block any of the plant s sunlight and hammer it 6 inches into the ground.

The simplest option is to drive a wooden stake into the ground and tie the plant to the stake as it grows. You can stake tomatoes in the home garden in a number of ways from using a simple stake to building a trellis.

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