How To Sharpen A Chainsaw

Chinese replacement carbs are both cheap and effe. This is my father showing how to sharpen a chainsaw the right way.

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To sharpen a dull chainsaw clamp the bar of the chainsaw to your work station and tighten the chain using the tension adjusting screw to make sure it won t move.

How to sharpen a chainsaw. Then use a permanent marker to draw a line on the link where you re going to start filing and get a specialty chainsaw file that s the same diameter as the chainsaw teeth. Chainsaw sharpening and chainsaw filing is very important as a dull. Alternatively you can use a chainsaw file guide to sharpen your chainsaw and still get the best results.

He has been cutting wood for a very long time and knows what he is talking about sometimes. Most chainsaw models on the market are designed in a way that allows you to sharpen them without removing the chains from the bars. Learn how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with glenn oregon s sr.

Ensure the chain is tightly tensioned. Http amzn to 2dkkr24 electric chainsaw sharpenerhttp amzn to 2ecag01 8 piece sharpener setsee below. By sharpening every other tooth you will sharpen all of the teeth facing one way then once one side has been sharpened go back through and sharpen the teeth facing the other direction.

Clean the chain with a brush or dry cloth. I recommend that you sharpen the chain while it s on the bar to avoid making the process more tedious and keep the chains attached the right way. Follow below these steps when sharpening a chain saw chain.

This will ensure that the same sharpening orientation was used on each tooth. A file guide is an all in one tool containing flat files round files and stihl file depth gauge. When choosing the best chainsaw file guide to sharpen a chainsaw you must consider the pitch of your chainsaw.

Get all the needed tools assembled and arranged in one place.

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