How To Save Pumpkin Seeds

After the seeds were rinsed clean i placed them on paper towels in a single layer to dry. Have you saved your own seeds to plant in your garden.

How To Save Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Growing Pumpkins Seeds

Write on the packaging which seeds are inside and the date.

How to save pumpkin seeds. Separate the seeds from each other taking care not to let them clump or touch. Gently rinse with warm water and remove any pulp you can use a little mild dish soap if desired. This will help them dry thoroughly on all sides.

How to harvest seeds from your pumpkin. First remove the seeds from inside the pumpkin. Gently rub any flesh or stringy bits off the seeds as you go.

Next put the seeds into a sieve or colander and wash them under running water. Place seeds on sheet. Put your cleaned pumpkin seeds in a paper bag so they can breathe and any leftover moisture can escape.

Everyday for a week rake your hands through the seeds in the tray. For this the seeds should be left on the paper towels in a cool dry place for 3 4 weeks. Pat the seeds dry with a tea towel dry on a tray for a couple of weeks in a sheltered position that gets some sun store seeds in a cool dry location labelled with the storage date and variety name.

You might have to scrape some flesh out with them but that s okay. Seed covered paper towels on counters windowsills shelves tabletops dressers and even the bathroom counter are common in our house during the fall as we save pumpkin seeds alongside the other heirlooms we want to plant in our spring gardens. Place the tray into a warm area of your home.

Probably three weeks but four just to be certain. How to save your pumpkin seeds. After the fruit is picked i like to store it for a few weeks or more just to make sure the seeds are fully ripe.

I very elegantly did this with a nice thick blue permanent marker. Once all of the pumpkin seeds are clean place them on the lined cookie sheet in a single layer. The spruce ana cadena.

Spread your pumpkin seeds out someplace where they won t get wet again. This will allow the seed to easily detach. Once you have the desired amount of seeds you want to save.

Allow your pumpkin seeds to dry. A metal spoon is great for this. Cut open the pumpkin and remove the seeds.

Let the fruit grow until it is completely mature and hard. Using your thumb pinch and press at the tip of the seed where it is attached to the pulp. Now i do not mean just dry to the touch but dry thoroughly inside and out.

You can leave the seeds in paper bags and store them in a seed saving envelope cardboard box or cotton material.

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