How To Replace Humidifier Solenoid

Replacing a clogged solenoid valve on an aprilaire 400 whole house humidifier. If the solenoid valve fails then it.

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Fix common furnace humidifier solenoid problems.

How to replace humidifier solenoid. Turn off your water supply to the sprinkler system. How solenoid valves work. Most humidifier solenoid valves are operated on 24 volt ac power which is the predominant low voltage wiring standard for conventional hvac controls.

In this episode of repair and replace stephany shows how to replace the solenoid valve in an air king ak7000 humidifier. Turn off your irrigation system at the control panel. Trace the water supply line from the bottom of the solenoid to its shut off point this is often a saddle valve on a larger cold water supply pipe.

Slide a soil probe into the ground to locate the failed solenoid and valve assembly. Valve won t open won t close water won t stop running or slow water flow into the humidifier. The first step in replacing the humidifier solenoid is to turn off the water supply to the solenoid valve.

Scoop the soil off of the valve box using a shovel. You must replace the solenoid that resides on top of the underground valve. 24 volt wiring is thin 18 gauge wire much smaller than 110 or 240 volt line voltage wiring.

Turn this small valve clockwise until it is fully seated and in the closed position.

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