How To Replace A Toilet

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How to replace a toilet. Remove the remaining water from the bowl by forcing it down with a plunger and mopping up the remaining water with a sponge. You may want to. Replacing a toilet is an unpleasant task not because it s technically difficult it s not but because toilets are heavy and unwieldy and no one really wants to get up close and personal.

How to replace all the parts in a leaky toilet. Disconnect the supply line using a wrench. Watch these easy steps on how to replace or install a toilet.

How to replace a toilet. Step 1 get rid of all the water. Then remove the remaining water in the tank with the sponge as well 2 x research sourcestep 2 disconnect the line.

Turn off the water at the supply valve 1 x research source flush the toilet to remove most of the water holding down the flusher for as long as possible. If you would like more information or written out ste. This article will explain the step by step process involved in removing a old toilet and replacing to with a new one toilet replacement taskmap click to see full size pictures original source of this article.

This includes disassembly and installation of a new fill assembly and flush valve.

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