How To Remove Command Strips

They hold strongly and remove cleanly using 3m stretch release technology. Warm the portion of the command strip stuck to the wall using a hair dryer set to a medium or medium high heat setting.

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It should feel warm.

How to remove command strips. Learn the proper way to remove command picture hanging strips so they won t damage your wall. Now here s something that s really useful. Move the hair dryer back and forth slightly holding it several inches away from the strip.

Once the strip is warm wrap each end of the dental floss around your hands so that you have a taut piece between them. Pull the hair dryer away after 20 seconds or so and touch the broken command strip. The strip should slip off the wall when you reach the bottom of the strip.

Slide the floss under the top of the command strip and gently and slowly saw back and forth as you move down the strip. Command strips are supposed to be easy to remove just pull down on the tab and the strip will stretch and come away. Use dental floss to remove command strips by flossing between the two bonded objects.

Also know are command strips easy to remove. Can also be used on smooth sealed and finished surfaces including vinyl siding and fences doors windows decks gutters and trim. Stretch straight down slowly.

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