How To Pressure Wash House

Move it in closer until you feel the spray is strong enough to remove dirt but not strong enough to cause damage. Test how to pressure wash a house by holding the pressure washer nozzle with both hands about 3 feet 121 92 centimeters from the wall.

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Attach your pressure washer to your garden hose.

How to pressure wash house. Choose the pressure washer nozzle you plan to use and attach it to your sprayer. Locate the hose mount on the back of the pressure washer and attach the garden hose to this mount as well as to the hose faucet on the outside of the house. Pressure washing is not a safe paint prep method if the exterior paint contains lead.

If the bleach test had no effect on the black spots they re dirt and you can pressure wash them away. If your home was built before 1978 when lead paint for residential housing was banned or if you re unsure have your paint tested or contact your local health department for. Do no harm try a pressure nozzle with a wider fan pattern before resorting to one with a narrower pattern.

Using a scrub brush instead of the pressure washer wash the area with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water. Yellow nozzles spray at a fan pattern of 15 degrees green at 25 degrees and white at 40. Using a 5 gallon water bucket mix water and a cleaning detergent with mildewcide according to manufacturer s recommendations.

7 start at the top of the house and move down. For harder surfaces and a higher psi. For more cleaning power maybe you have some tough stains on your driveway or your deck or you want to clean the exterior of your house look for a pressure washer in the range of 2 000 to.

Step back about 3 feet from your home and test the pressure washer against the house.

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