How To Make Concrete Countertops

Want to make your own custom sized countertop. Using the edge of a flat board lay it across the top of the form on one end and then slide it back and forth as you move down the frame to the opposite end.

Diy Concrete Countertop Concrete Diy Diy Countertops Diy Concrete Countertops

If you want to add color to the countertop now s the time to add pigment to the mix.

How to make concrete countertops. Add water to the concrete and mix with a shovel per the manufacturer s instructions. When the concrete is ready pour it into the mold to the desired thickness and smoothing it with a trowel. It doesn t move with moisture and it s solid e.

This will take off any extra concrete and make sure the top is level. Concrete is a great modern and easy to work with material. You can use the edge of 2×4 or speciality concrete working tools.

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