How To Make A Lasagna Garden

Organic materials make up the lasagna garden layers and most of the ingredients can be found at home. Newspaper cardboard shredded leaves straw compost untreated grass clippings coffee grounds vegetable scraps and aged animal waste like chicken rabbit guinea pig and cow manures all work well.

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How to make a lasagna garden.

How to make a lasagna garden. How to make a lasagna garden. Avoid any shiny cardboard or paper like from magazines. The steps are simple and you can vary them to suit your needs.

You can just pile the layers on the ground you can build sides if you want or you can build raised beds on legs. However you can make do without it if needed. Here is the basic idea of lasagna gardening.

While creating our lasagna garden we will basically be piecing together a compost pile only a bit more supine stretched out over the landscape rather than stacked up into a heap. First you need a pan. Typically the first layer of a lasagna garden is cardboard or newspaper laid directly over the grass.

Lasagna gardening is one of the best ways to get rid of weeds build soil fast and start a no dig garden that can give you many years of productive vegetable. Once your box is in place your first layer will be made from wet newspaper laid flat six to 10 layers thick. You want your lasagna garden to be at least two feet tall.

If you make the bed in spring layer as many greens and browns as you can with layers of finished compost peat or topsoil interspersed in them. This stops aeration and can hinder drainage in your soil as well. Make it taller if you can because as time progresses the layers will break down.

If you choose to make a lasagna garden in spring or summer consider adding more soil like amendments to the bed such as peat or topsoil so you can plant in the garden right away. If the lasagna garden isn t tall enough your soil will become compacted as it breaks down. Then next spring your lasagne bed will be ready for your next crop.

If you have tough spreading weeds like crabgrass you may want to dig them out in a wide border under and outside the cardboard area. It s all up to you. Think of the delicious dish that comes from your oven.

Pile all your crop residue on top of your bed turn it under the soil and plant a cover crop. Make sure you overlap the edges by at least 6 inches. How to create your lasagna garden.

For your lasagna box garden you can build a simple raised bed right on the unworked ground. What to include in your lasagna garden.

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