How To Kill Creeping Charlie

You can also add lime to the soil along with calcium and magnesium which will raise the ph level of the soil and make it hard for the weed to grow. To kill creeping charlie try spraying the leaves with a commercial herbicide or a natural herbicide like horticultural vinegar.

Kill Creeping Charlie

Borax provides high levels of boron that kill creeping charlie naturally.

How to kill creeping charlie. Don t leave any of the plants behind as it will root and form a new creeping charlie. This method requires newspapers cardboard or a tarp that can be placed directly on top of the affected areas and held in place with bricks rocks or stakes. Pick a day with no wind so the weed killer doesn t blow onto plants you want.

An alternative and natural way to kill ground ivy is to smother creeping charlie by blocking all sunlight from reaching the vines. Pull the creeping charlie and dispose of the plant in your garden waste bag. Make sure it s not going to rain or snow within 24 hours after you spray.

Follow manufacturer s instructions but here are some tips on how to kill creeping charlie. Use a special broadleaf herbicide containing either tricolpyr or dicamba on creeping charlie that has taken over your lawn these chemicals will kill creeping charlie without harming your grass. Water the ground thoroughly and dig up the root system.

Borax contains boron which is a mineral salt that all plants need at low levels to survive. Kill creeping charlie naturally with borax. How to kill creeping charlie using herbicide.

This is toxic to cats and dogs so we recommend not using borax if you have pets that enjoy spending time in the yard. The best time to spray weed killer on charlie is in the fall after the first frost.

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