How To Install Range Hood

The duct connector should slide into the ductwork. Begin by unpacking the unit and removing the filter exhaust fan and electrical housing cover.

How To Install A Hidden Range Hood In Your Kitchen Beginning In The Middle Modern Kitchen Renovation Range Hood Hidden Kitchen

Next loosen the screws that hold the hood into place while a partner holds the old range hood in place.

How to install range hood. Lift the hood slowly off the screws put the hood down and remove the loosened screws. This simple installation technique can be applied for. Detach all the wires near the light fixture of the old hood by unscrewing all the wire nuts and separating the connections.

The hood should be flush with the cabinets. Ideally the new hood should be large enough to extend one inch past the stovetop on all four sides. Installing a range hood in the kitchen for the first time involves drilling a hole in the wall attaching new duct work and adding new wiring if necessary.

Place the range hood in position the hood should be directly over the cooking area with the electrical wiring coming through a hole in the wall or cabinets.

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