How To Install A Wall Shelf

Install the wall shelve put together the remaining pairs of brackets and place the wall shelves onto the brackets. How to install shelves that line up after you center your first shelf use the 3 4 screws to secure the front of the board to both brackets.

Wall Mounted Shelving Systems You Can Diy Home House Interior Home Decor

Insert a phillips screwdriver into the opening on the anchor s head.

How to install a wall shelf. Now install them on your favorite kitchen wall using recommended hanging system. Turn it like you would with a regular screw. Using a power drill and 9 32 drill bit drill hole into wall marks.

Adjust the level until the bubble is centered and mark the keyhole locations on the wall. Next hold up one of your mounting brackets at the desired height and mark the bracket s screw holes on the wall making sure that the holes are in line with the studs. Hold the level against the wall at the height you want the shelf.

Use a drill to screw a 3 screw through one hole in the standard and into the stud. For a faster installation use a drill. Using a power drill or screw driver for phillips head screw drive provided screws into studs or anchors securing backplate to wall.

Pallet into kitchen wall shelf. For the next shelf use your 2 or 4 level. Then install anchors or drive the screws into the studs and hang the shelf.

Make sure it s level with the wall but don t overtighten it or else it could damage the wall. Palm a wood cutter or a sawzall blade and separate apart the parts of pallets which appear like shelves. Extract stylish kitchen shelves from already made shapes of pallet.

Learn how to install your ikea lack shelf all of my videos are available in hd hammer drill tutorial. Remember that the top of the shelf will be above your marks. Next use the level to make sure the standard is perfectly straight.

Screw the wall anchors clockwise until they are flush with the wall. A magnetic level like this one is super useful because you can just attach it to the side of the metal standard and use two hands to screw it into place. Hold the level to the board you just screwed to the bracket and adjust the shelf below it until it is also level.

Now bore a medium hole right through the frontage of the bracket at the tiny hole and bore about half way through without going completely though. To put up shelves pick out an open spot along the wall use a stud finder to locate 2 wall studs and lightly mark the 2 spots with a pencil.

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