How To Install A Shower Valve

Allow time for the pipes and the shower valve to cool down after soldering before reinstalling the shower cartridge. Then turn the water back on and check for leaks.

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Lift the clip up and out of place setting it aside on a flat surface to prevent losing it.

How to install a shower valve. Pull out the clip and keep it in a safe place. Your shower valve should have a metal clip inserted into the top that holds it in place. Turn on the building s water supply and leak test the shower valve.

Turn off the water and repair any leaking fittings found. Install the valve cartridge. Install a cap on the tub stem and close off the shower port.

The trim plate should serve as a guide to the size of the hole to make. Make sure that the shower valve is in the off position. This video will walk you through the entire process and give.

You must do the proper prep work such as removing the plastic cartridge from the valve before beginning. Replacing a shower faucet can be a do it yourself job with some careful preparation and effort. Remove the clip that holds the shower valve in place with needlenose pliers.

After that carefully insert the shower valve into the wall. If the valve clip is still good use it when installing a new cartridge. Take the paper template that came with the new shower valve and hold it against the shower wall.

If your valve clip is not damaged you should be able to reuse it while securing the new cartridge in place. Connect the hot and cold water pipes to their respective inlets on the shower valve. Replace the single handle shower valve s depth guide.

When the metal is completely cool reinstall the shower cartridge the same way as it was removed. Installing a moen shower valve rough in is simple. Repair or install the shower s wall board and tile.

Using a level mark level and plumb lines onto the shower wall indicating the horizontal and vertical centers of the existing shower valve. Both ports use 1 2 inch fittings. Unthread the faucet stems from the shower wall using an adjustable wrench.

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