How To Install A Gas Fireplace

Well mine didn t but now i have one after buying this fireplac. See below for a shopping list and tools subscribe to this old house.

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Connect the gas supply to the burner using a flexible gas line if using a safety pilot kit it will be installed between the burner and the gas supply.

How to install a gas fireplace. For the life of me i can t figure out why every gas fireplace doesn t come with a blower. Gas fireplace inserts may cost anywhere between 1 200 to 38 00 with the gas fireplace installation cost varying anywhere between 1 200 1 600. If you are living in an area where the availability of natural gas and electricity is a problem then gas fireplace installation costs will shoot up as you will have to shell out more for the.

To start installing place the burner in your preferred position to see where you need to drill holes for your masonry screws. The installation of a fireplace can be a costly and potentially dangerous endeavor with gas fireplace installation even more challenging still. By the end of this brief article you will be armed with the information and resources necessary to install a fireplace safely and economically.

After the holes are drilled you can screw them into place. Plumbing and heating expert richard trethewey upgrades an old wood burning fireplace. If that describes you then this article should be helpful in adding a gas fireplace to your home and enjoying a warm cozy fire with family and friends.

In addition to a basic set of hand tools you ll need a circular saw and a drill. The installation of a gas fireplace should be done by someone who has an understanding of gas principles acceptable construction practices and local code requirements. Hire a plumber to run the gas line during the framing process and connect it to the fireplace 250 to 500.

After connecting the gas line apply thread sealant around it before attaching the gas supply line to the burner. Applying pipe thread sealant around the gas line connection on the burner. Installing a gas log fireplace.

Pipe dope or tape must be used to seal all non flared fittings during this step. Although you can install a gas fireplace on your own you should consider speaking with a licensed contractor since you ll be working with gas and electricity. To begin set the fireplace on a platform and install the exhaust piping at the top or back of the stove.

Attach the gas supply line to the burner. A power miter box is handy but not necessary for cutting the angles on the framing parts. Connect the gas line once your firebox is fully clean and the chimney has been professionally cleaned for wood burning fireplaces it s time to connect the gas line to your new burner.

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