How To Install A Baseboard Heater

Many apartments are using electric baseboard heaters for heat in apartments. The following discussion explains a typical installation and also describes some problems to avoid as identified below.

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Basic baseboard electric heater installation and considerations.

How to install a baseboard heater. That s a how to install baseboard heaters. Push the cable into the connector until 1 2 inch 1 3 cm of the jacket is inside the wiring compartment. 18 strip 8 inches 20 3 cm of jacket from the cable s and install into the connector.

Simply run a 12 2 non metallic sheathed cable from the electrical service panel to the location of the baseboard heater. The heat output depends on the length of the baseboard heater. Install the appropriate cable connector in the desired end of the heater s.

Feed the circuit cable through the cable clamp and into the wire connection panel on the baseboard heater leaving 6 to 8 inches of extra cable extending beyond the clamp. New electric baseboard heater the design is simple yet functional. The basic steps of installing a baseboard heater unit are relatively standard.

Here is how to hook up a 240 volt one skip to 4 min to just see wiring http ca. Wiring baseboard heaters is as simple as adding a 20 amp circuit. Turn on the circuit breaker and turn the thermostat up higher than the ambient room temperature to test the new heater.

Mount the heater to the wall with screws and the thermostat to the wiring box. Remove the knockout on the back of the heater s connector box and install a 1 2 inch cable clamp to the box. Since baseboard heaters have a built in junction box you won t have to cut in a junction box to feed it.

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