How To Grow Persimmon Trees

Sow one seed per pot in sterile potting. Some afternoon shade is all right.

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It s also possible to start growing persimmons from seed.

How to grow persimmon trees. Open rooted or bare rooted trees are no good because the roots can be susceptible to disease. Persimmons need an open sunny spot to grow best about 3 to 4 metres away from neighbouring trees so they ve got a lovely spread. Young seedlings that are one to two years in age can be transplanted to an orchard.

Then plant seeds 1 inch deep in a peat pot prepped with planting soil. Water the tree daily to keep the soil moist during the first year. The roots of persimmon trees tend to grow slowly so it s important to keep the soil watered.

As with most fruit trees full sun is best for growing persimmons. Store seeds in moist sand in the refrigerator for 3 months frequently checking to make sure they re staying wet. Persimmon seedlings form a long taproot early on so they need to be grown in tall plastic containers that will allow the root to form without cramping it.

Be aware of shifting light patterns through the seasons bearing in mind that persimmons ripen in late autumn. Since the soil will drain quickly plan to water the sapling every day for 30 seconds 1 minute. Remove the shrub from the container gently tease the plant roots and cut away any circled or tangled roots.

You can grow persimmons from seeds cuttings suckers or grafts. The best quality however comes from grafted or budded trees. An important factor for those wanting to know how to grow persimmon trees includes the type and number of trees to plant.

Persimmon trees are propagated by raising seedlings nurseries usually import clean persimmon seeds from specialist suppliers in the united states or japan which take around three years to grow. Position in full sun and then fill with quality potting mix. They get cinnamon fungus phytophthora rot and so really good drainage is important.

Select a pot at least 600mm wide. Begin the process about 5 months before the last frost in your area. Buy them in a pot or a bag.

Persimmon trees can grow into medium to large sized trees but can be contained if grown in large pots. Depending on your climate the soil may dry out quickly especially on hot days.

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