How To Grow Fava Beans

The rows should be about 2 feet apart. They should be sown in spring or fall and will grow best with temperatures consistently between 40 70f.

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Water deeply once or twice each week throughout the growing season to supplement rainfall soaking the soil around the roots.

How to grow fava beans. Fava beans are planted much the same way you would grow other types of beans. Plant in a full sun area. Plant your fava bean seeds about 1 to 2 inches deep and 3 to 6 inches apart.

Unlike most other types of beans favas are not tolerant of heat and sunlight. The addition of legume inoculants is recommended at the time of fava bean planting. You can also grow them in hills five to six seeds per hill with hills spaced 4 feet apart.

Favas should be planted in early spring about the same time as peas and lettuce. Fava beans typically require between 75 85 days after germination for harvest as a shell bean. Fava leaves have a sweet and nutty flavor just like the beans.

When seedlings are 1 tall thin to 1 bean every 4 6. Direct sow the seeds about 2 inches deep spaced 4 to 6 inches apart. You can speed up germination by soaking the seeds in water for an hour before sowing.

Frost tolerant they are hardy to about 21 f 6 c. Give the plants about 1 inch of water per week. When to plant fava beans.

Thin the seedlings to 8 to 12 inches because crowding can encourage diseases. Plants do best when temperatures do not get above 60 65 degrees. This year s fava beans have been planted together with strawberries.

Planting fava beans together with strawberries. If you want to grow favas for their nitrogen fixing properties but fend off the guilt of not harvesting the beans just eat the leaves trim the tender tops off your plants and make a salad with other seasonal favorites like spinach and citrus. I was also growing parsnips between the strawberries up until a week ago but they have been harvested now.

Average irrigation is recommended for growing fava beans and fava bean plants are hardy to about 21 f. Fava bean planting should be sown 1 2 inches 2 5 5 cm deep and spaced about 6 8 inches 15 20 cm apart. Fava beans do not need fertilizing so long as they are planted in quality soil.

The berries are planted along the sides of the six meter 20 feet long garden bed. They can also be planted in late fall to winter over especially when being used as a cover crop. Soak beans for about an hour prior to planting.

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