How To Grow Crocus Bulbs

Take care not to overwater crocus or their corms will rot. Planting taller flowers behind your crocuses can provide nice visual contrast in your garden.

How To Grow Crocus Bulbs Planting Crocus Corms Crocus Bulbs Planting Bulbs Crocus Flower

Add bulb fertilizer to the bottom of the hole and mix it into the soil.

How to grow crocus bulbs. Plant the crocus bulbs about 2 3 deep and 3 apart placing them in the ground with their pointy ends up. First dig a hole in your desired area that is two to three times the depth of your bulb. After the crocuses have bloomed don t cut off the foliage.

Plant bulbs in groups or clusters rather than spacing them in a single line along a walkway or border. The pot should be relatively deep and spacious. Always remember to plant your corms with the pointed tip facing upwards.

Plant additional crocus bulbs close to your first planting spacing them by about 3 inches 7 6 cm. A sunny spot in well drained soil is suitable for crocus but avoid anywhere that can become waterlogged. There should be at least five inches of soil on the base and a further three inches over the top of the bulbs.

Once the bulbs begin to sprout move the pot to a brighter location and provide warmer indoor temperatures like that of at least 50 or 60 f. Space crocus bulbs about 3 inches 7 6 cm apart. You may even grow crocus in the lawn but be careful as they will naturalize and spread to become a potential nuisance.

Leave 2 to 4 inches between bulbs. Some fertilize at planting time with bone meal. They thrive in a soil ph of 6 to 7 and are tolerant of a wide range of soils.

How to plant crocuses in containers. You want the bulbs to sit at least three inches apart. Plant the bulbs in the pot in the fall before any frosts arrive.

The crocus bulbs should be in the ground before the first frost. Single flowers get lost in the landscape. The pointy part should face up.

Water well once and wait for spring. Plant a few inches apart and plant in groups of 10 or more. Place each crocus bulb in the hole with the pointed side up and the root side down.

Crocus need a chilling period of 12 to 16 weeks before blooming so plan accordingly when growing crocus in your garden. Maintain watering but let the surface become dry to the touch before watering. Always plant in groups for the best results with each corm buried 5 10cm deep and the same distance apart.

Shop our crocus bulbs. Plant 2 inches deep and provide 2 to 3 inches of spacing. How to plant crocus.

After planting water well. Crocus bulbs need well drained soil in a sunny to partially sunny location. If you are planting crocus bulbs in big numbers dig shallow trenches.

How to plant crocus bulbs. Leave it until it s completely withered and yellow then remove. Plant crocus corms 3 to 4 inches deep with the pointy end up.

Others say bone meal is unnecessary at this time and invites pests to dig around which could dislodge your crocus bulbs. Crocuses tend to look best in clusters of at least 10 as the flowers are small. How to plant crocuses.

Make sure they re spaced twice the bulbs width apart. Plant with the pointed tip facing upwards cover with soil and water once done.

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