How To Grow Cornflowers

Cornflowers prefer a site in full sun in a well drained soil. In the uk that s usually from april onwards they need temperatures of 10 16 c to germinate.

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Scatter the seeds across the area.

How to grow cornflowers. Sow cornflower seeds either indoors in late february march. Cover the seeds lightly with a thin layer of dirt then pat gently. Keep in mind that cornflowers need average well drained soil and full sunlight.

Once you plant them it s super easy to have a patch year to year. Plant a pot grown specimen at any time of the year. Ideally they prefer a neutral to slightly alkaline soil ph.

Cornflowers are very adaptable and will grow in the poorest of soils. The rows should be spaced about 30cm apart. Just like sweet peas cornflowers need to be cut constantly if you want them to flower all summer.

They can take a little shade especially in the afternoon but will perform best in all day sunshine. Cornflowers can be sown straight in to the ground where they are going to flower so make sure the space you are going to sow is weed free by using a trowel to remove the weeds. How to grow cornflowers cultivation.

Plant label and pencil. To get the most blooms and sturdier stems plant cornflowers in full sun. Ensure that your soil is well drained and add some extra organic matter which will help provide essential nutrients.

You can sow them in modules one or two seeds per cell or scatter a few seeds in a wooden seed tray if you prefer not to use plastic. The best way to propagate cornflower is to sow the seeds directly into your garden or lawn during fall or as soon as the weather allows for spring germination. They need a fertile soil enriched with lots of organic matter which holds plenty of moisture in spring and summer doesn t dry out or become waterlogged.

All you have to do is scatter the seeds and lightly cover with soil. Sow outdoors when it s warm enough. Rake the soil to a fine tilth so it s a fine crumbly soil and make some drills 12mm deep.

Black ball rich chocolate shade that look almost black. Cornflowers are wildflowers and are on the invasive species list for some places. Cornflowers grow and flower best in sunny positions.

Cut them just before they open fully the centre of the flower should still be dipped inwards. Don t plant them in rich soil. Alternatively when buying seeds these need to be planted in the early spring time when the risk of frosts has passed.

Cornflowers are grown from seed planted in the spring and they are best sown direct into the soil in which they are to grow. If you plant cornflower seeds between march and may then you will be treated to a lovely display between june and september.

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