How To Grow Black Eyed Peas

You can simply broadcast the bush types or plant them every 2 to 3 inches. They require a full sun location and shelter from strong winds.

The Black Eyed Pea Vigna Unguiculata Is Grown For Its Young Pods And Seeds Black Eyed Peas Vegetable Planting Guide Plants

Water lightly after planting the seeds.

How to grow black eyed peas. Sow your seeds well. Black eyed peas grow best in well drained loamy to sandy soils with a ph between 5 5 and 6 5. So you want to grow black eyed peas from seed and harvest unlimited seeds in your own backyard.

How to grow black eyed peas from seed guide vegetables january 5 2021 january 5 2021 by akiko takahashi. How to grow black eyed peas from seed. They are light feeders and don t need much fertilizer.

Pole beans will need some type of support to grow on. If you use a soil inoculant at planting time you won t need any fertilizer at all. Add lots of mature compost prior to planting.

If possible purchase seeds that are labeled wilt resistant to avoid any type of disease. Use black plastic mulch to warm the soil if necessary. Plant the seeds 1 2 inches deep and be sure to water the soil immediately and regularly until it sprouts.

There are both bush and vine varieties of black eyed peas. Then plant seeds to about 2 4 inches apart and 1 1 1 2 inches deep. Known for their single dark spot on a single bean black eyed peas are a popular legume that s used for a variety of dishes.

Plant seeds at a rate of about 3 6 seeds per teepee or every 6 inches apart. Be sure the trellis teepee fence or whatever is in place before you seed. You can begin planting your black eyed peas once the soil is workable and at least 65f.

So after leveling the soil mark several rows in the soil the rows should be 2 3 feet apart. Choose a location that will receive full sun at least 8 hours a day. Best soil for growing black eyed peas plant black eyed peas in sandy fertile soil that drains well.

Test the soil to ensure it has a neutral to slightly acidic ph 5 5 6 8. Planting direct sow black eyed peas into your garden once the danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures reach 65 f. You should also keep at least 2 inches of space between seeds for bush type black eyed peas.

The black eyed pea seeds are generally planted in rows. Seeds are usually direct sown and should be planted about 1 inch deep. Be sure to sow the seeds directly in the soil.

Planting black eyed peas. Plant the vines about 2 feet apart. The ideal depth is an inch deep.

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