How To Grow An Espalier

For example to espalier a lisbon lemon just tie the trunk onto the back of the trellis so that it s sturdy and always use a flexible tie. Cut back the stem to three good upper buds and a short stem somewhere around 15 inches 40 cm from the ground.

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Plant a one year old unbranched tree in autumn.

How to grow an espalier. As the tree grows from summer to early autumn train the shoots from the top bud vertically and those from the lower two buds at an angle of 45 degrees. Plants should be placed on the south or east facing side of the home. These should also be planted at least 6 to 8 inches 15 20 cm deep or at the same depth of their containers.

Firstly select the site. You should leave plenty of room between the trunk and the fence or trellis behind. Making an espalier yourself is easy to do.

Train espalier trees while branches are still young and flexible developing the lower outermost limbs first.

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