How To Get Married In Sweden

A swedish citizen other non uk citizen who has lived in the uk for a longer period of time might be asked by the swedish tax office to produce an additional certificate of civil status a no trace of marriage. Create an account and make a booking through stockholm municipality s stockholms stad e services.

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One requirement in order to apply for a marriage license in sweden is to prove that you are single and therefore free to get married.

How to get married in sweden. According to swedish law all non residents non citizens of sweden who wish to get married in sweden should present a document from their home country stating their marital status. Apply for a certificate of no impediment hindersprövning at the swedish tax agency skatteverket. Getting a marriage licence you must take the papers mentioned below in person to the swedish tax office skatteverket in the area where you wish to marry.

This is going to be the biggest pain to get. Swedish citizens registered as living abroad and getting married in sweden must apply for their marriage license in sweden. How to get married in stockholm city hall.

There are no residency requirements to get married in sweden however the certificate of no impediment may need to be posted for 21 days before the marriage licence is issued. Since there is no national registry in the u s no equivalent national document can be obtained from the u s. The way you do this is with a certificate of no impediment sometimes called a record of no record or single status affidavit.

Submit the documents to stockholm city hall 4 weeks prior to the ceremony.

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