How To Declutter Your Pantry

The back side of the rack simply. If you can clean the shelves well enough they come off as new.

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If you missed our clothes decluttering challenge last month you can find it here the goal of these monthly challenges is to take one area of the house and break it down into little decluttering.

How to declutter your pantry. This will only lead to a less effective storage system and more work down the line. Ok lets be honest decluttering my life has been an on going battle lol. Use closet racks as cabinet organizers.

This way you won t have to search through many shelves to find a particular item. Trim the racks to length with a hacksaw and then mount screws to the back side of the face frame to hold the racks in place. Within the fruits separate the peaches from the pears and the applesauce and the fruit cocktail line each different type of fruit up in a row.

Instead take everything you have out and lay it on the floor so you can easily take inventory. Don t try to cut corners by only taking out half of your pantry and moving around the rest. The first step is always to remove everything you have in your pantry.

For instance you ll want to keep snacks separate from the can products. The next step to declutter your pantry is to organize its contents. Below are 3 simple steps to finally getting your pantry decluttered and organized as well as some great diy pantry organization ideas.

Declutter the pantry by following our free printable decluttering calendar and have a perfectly clean and organized pantry by the end of the month. Decluttering my kitchen has been an on going process. Ask yourself what you would like your kitchen and pantry to look like and work toward making the area more efficient and easier to use.

Time for another monthly decluttering challenge. So the first and most critical step in decluttering the kitchen and pantry is to stand back and assess the state of affairs. When it comes to organizing many products it s much better to separate and store similar items together.

Interestingly another advantage of this cleaning is that it reduces the frequency of you relining your pantry shelves. Now that the toys are decluttered and my linen closet is decluttered it s time to tackle the pantry. Since you re decluttering you can use this opportunity to do some cleaning by removing these crumbs and cleaning the shelves.

First up invest in storage containers. Take your sorting to the next level by arranging each specific type of item.

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