How To Declutter Your Laundry Room

Prior to beginning the decluttering process lay a sheet down in a large area somewhere outside of the laundry room. It s really important to think about the functions of your laundry room or any room because the more you do in the space the more likely it is to get messy.

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It includes 25 pages of printable calendar pages and checklists to help you declutter every room in your home.

How to declutter your laundry room. To keep the laundry room decluttered and organized you have to build or designate a workstation. Take everything out of the laundry room and put it on the sheet in a way that you can easily see everything. The shallow compartment includes electrical outlets hooks and even a shelf for spray bottles.

How to declutter the guest room or your kid s room checklist can be found here. If your laundry room isn t in a room by itself it may be a small blessing if you struggle with clutter so you don t pile everything in your laundry room. So look around your washer and dryer and remove clutter in front of it such as dirty clothes that have accumulated on top of them or to the side of them.

A cluttered laundry room can easily cost us money we wouldn t have to spend because we can t find socks shirts undergarments etc. How to declutter your laundry room and patio checklist can be found here. Consider using baking soda in the washing machine or distilled white vinegar to boost detergent cleaning performance and soften clothes as a way to eliminate fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Clean your appliances and countertops with some dawn water and a cloth. Once you have decluttered your messy laundry room the next step would be to clean it. Maximize your laundry room s potential by installing a drop down ironing board behind a paneled door.

The printable digital download is delivered to your email. How to declutter your laundry room. A proper workstation will save time and keep the mess scattering around the floor.

Here are the six things i do in my laundry room. You can sign up here. This is where you can temporarily put everything from the laundry room.

Select one detergent that works well for all fabrics rather than multiple specialty products. Use an extendable dusting wand to clean behind and under the appliances and all around the baseboards. If you know this beforehand you may choose to limit those functions so that you have less stuff to manage and declutter.

If you can also remove any laundry baskets you re currently storing on top of these appliances whether you place them there permanently or temporarily.

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