How To Control Mealybugs

Fill this solution in a spray bottle and spray this on the affected plants. When the mealybugs feed on the plant it kills them.

How To Control Mealybugs On Indoor Plants Natural Insecticide Plants Organic Insect Spray

3 remove mealybugs with a cloth or paper towel making sure that you squish them instead of just displacing them.

How to control mealybugs. If mealybugs come back reapply your treatment. Add 1 1 2 tablespoon of neem oil 1 tablespoon of mild liquid soap in a liter of lukewarm water. Deal with small mealybug outbreaks you can manage small mealybug infestations with a simple blast of water.

Control mealybugs on indoor plants by avoiding over fertilization of plants. Repeat the treatment as necessary. Check the label to make sure your plant is listed and always follow label directions for use.

Mealybugs thrive in a nitrogen rich soil so be careful that you only feed your plants when necessary. This treatment can eradicate the mealybugs and any other kind of pest infestation or fungal growth gradually after a few uses. Use 1 cup water 1 cup isopropyl alcohol and add 1 2 teaspoon dishwashing soap like dawn.

Mealybugs can be dislodged with a steady stream of water. Remove the dead bugs to keep things clean. Use a cotton swab or the paintbrush to dab the mealybugs with rubbing alcohol.

Ash them away. Neem oil spray will not affect bees making it ideal for the pollinator friendly landscape. This will help control their spreading.

The other way is to smother them with an oil spray such as ortho fruit tree spray. Be persistent with mealybug treatment. Use a plain jet of water to disrupt the bugs feeding and spray plants with neem oil to discourage the bugs from coming back.

Another good way to treat an infestation of insects or mealybugs on succulents is with insecticidal soap. Note check local regulations as parasitoids are restricted in some areas. If you see mealybugs on your plants there are several control options.

For store bought i recommend safer brand insect killing soap. The anagyrus wasp is an efficient parasitoid used to control obscure grape long tailed and vine mealybugs especially at the end of the season before the mealybugs move down to the lower trunk or the roots to overwinter. There are insect killing soaps that you can use to wash your plants.

However you can make your own highly effective insecticidal soap spray. This will kill them without doing too much damage to your plants.

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