How To Compost Easy Steps

If it seems a little too wet and sloppy add more dry brown waste. Purchase or get a compost bin.

How To Compost Easy Steps To Success Composting Easy Steps To Success Compost

Purchase or get a compost bin.

How to compost easy steps. When it is full empty its contents into the compost bin. Check if the compost is ready. If you do not add browns your compost will be wet and break down more slowly.

Inspect the compost pile in three day time. The bins need to be around 3 feet wide and 2 to 3 feet deep smaller bins won t heat up as well have lids holes drilled in the sides for airflow and bottomless. If possible collect and store dry leaves in an old garbage in the fall so you can use them in your compost year round.

Continue to 5 of 7 below. For the method i use you need more than one bin. Mix the contents of the garden compost.

Fill your compost bin. Come up with a bottom layer. Whenever you add food scraps or yard waste be sure to top it with a layer of browns.

Steps to preparing suitable garden compost. For smaller yards 2 bins work fine. Larger yards could use 3 4 or more bins.

If it looks or sounds a little too dry and crisp in your compost pile add some water and or more wet green waste. To kickstart your compost s microbial activity toss in a shovelful of fresh moist dirt from your yard or garden.

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