How To Clean The American Flag

Regularly washing the american flag prolongs its life. This is recommended for american flags that are decorative with tassels and gold rope.

Before And After 48 Star American Flag Cleaning And Stain Removal Antique Americanflag 48starflag Clean Historic Restoration 48 Star Flag American Flag

We typically utilize a short cleaning cycle contingent upon the stain types and amount of soiled or spotted areas.

How to clean the american flag. Some dry cleaners will clean them for free. Tips for keeping your american flag in good repair. The heat from the dryer can be very damaging to these materials.

Most good quality american flags are made of acetate nylon and cotton. Fill a wash basin or sink with cool water and laundry soap. Machine wash flags made from synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are usually safe to machine wash in cold water on the delicate setting using a mild detergent.

Washing the american flag numerous flags or banners can be laundered and this might be the best methods to clean the flag. Prolong the life of your american flag and reduce how often you must clean it with these tips. Take the flag inside when it s raining snowing sleeting or hailing.

These flags should be placed flat to dry. If the flag is wrinkled use a cool iron to press nylon or polyester and a hot iron for cotton. Periodically check during the wash cycle to see if the red stripes are discharging color into the wash cycle.

Wash your american flag by hand. The decision to wash or dry clean would be dependent on the material. Many offer free american flag cleaning services especially in the month of july.

Do not let the flag stand in the wash water for extended periods of time or some color transfer may occur from the red stripes to the white stripes. The safest way to wash fabrics with multiple colors is by hand in cool water using a gentle detergent. If you are not sure about the fiber content of your flag or if it is vintage take it to a professional dry cleaner.

Wash the flag using a gentle cycle with warm water and detergent clorox2 stain remover and color booster. Lay flat or hang to dry. The proper way to clean your flag.

To do this dip a cotton swab in plain water and rub the tip on each color on the flag. There are no provisions of the flag code which prohibit such care. Depending on the flag s material and colorfastness you may choose to.

Use a hot iron to remove wrinkles from natural fabric flags. Synthetic material flags such as nylon or polyester can be machine washed with cold water and a mild detergent. Assuming your american flag is only slightly dirty you can usually clean it simply by wiping it down with a damp washcloth.

Test the flag s fabric first if you suspect that it is colorfast. In your sink scrub the fabric by hand. Take a clean washcloth and run it under a lukewarm water.

While most modern outdoor flags are made from polyester it s not uncommon to find cotton flags. Once damp gently run it across the surface of your american flag paying extra attention to areas where dirt is visible. Cleaning might be the most affordable technique for cleaning the american flag or banners.

Rinse the fabric in cold water and then hang or lay flat to dry.

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