How To Clean Stuffed Toys

After washing remove the toy from the mesh bag and stretch it to restore its original shape. If the stuffed animal is dressed in colored fabric clothing do a color test to make sure the cleaning won t ruin the toy.

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Here are some tips to clean your child s stuffed toys without ruining them.

How to clean stuffed toys. Fill your sink with cold water and a cup of delicate soap. Add a few drops of household bleach to a gallon of water in a bowl. Stuffed toys can get balled up in the normal wash cycle.

Many people clean stuffed animals and baby dolls by placing these toys in the washer and dryer. Do not put it in the dryer as the heat can cause the glue and fur on the stuffed toy to melt. Put about 1 cup of baking soda into the plastic bag.

Finish the process by brushing the toy s fur with a brush that is not used on human hair you don t want the styling products you put in your hair to get in the toy. Cleaning toys with electronic components spot treating is the method of choice to clean toys that cannot be submerged because they have electronic or musical components. Clip it on a hanger and let it air dry.

But without proper care over time some stuffed animals and baby dolls will get ruined with repeated washings. You can adjust this amount depending on the size of the stuffed toy. Rinse the toy by scrubbing with cool plain water.

Open the bag after. Use a plug so your sink fills with water or use a large container like a bucket or basin and fill it with cold water and delicate soap. Don t spray a stuffed animal with a disinfectant because the spray could ruin the animal s fur.

The bleach in the mixture will kill any germs on the toy. Rub a small drop of diluted detergent on a hidden spot and if color comes off use only water to spot clean the item. You can also use the hose attachment on a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller.

The baking soda will not only deodorize the toy but also will bind and help to liberate dirt and grime from the fabric. For a light cleaning use baking soda to shampoo and deodorize. Dry shampoo and fluff all stuffed toys pick up dirt and smells simply from being handled repeatedly.

Rub a slightly damp cloth over the surface of the stuffed animal. Place the stuffed toy inside the bag. Disinfect a washable toy by using a laundry sanitizer in the wash.

Steps to clean toys. Keep the stuffed toy enclosed in the bag for 15 minutes. Make sure you read whether the soap is best suited for the material of your stuffed animal.

To help the toy survive machine washing place it in a pillowcase before laundering. Dip a cloth or brush into the bleach mixture and use it to scrub the exterior of the stuffed toy.

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