How To Clean Linoleum Floors

Mix the borax into a gallon of hot water. Make sure it s completely dissolved.

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Two tablespoons of borax.

How to clean linoleum floors. Here is how you should do it. How to clean linoleum floors the natural makeup of linoleum flooring makes the material extra sensitive to acidic chemical based cleaning products such as bleach or ammonia. Spread dry baking soda on the surface of the floor before you mop it.

Allow each coat to thoroughly dry by wait approximately 30 minutes in between coats. Apply linoleum polish to the floor using a clean damp mop. If you notice a smell on your linoleum floors or if you hate the smell of vinegar an alternative is borax.

Instead use a mild dishwashing soap or neutral ph linoleum cleaner with a damp mop or cloth to clean your floors. A gallon of hot water. Let the final coat of polish dry for approximately an hour before moving back furniture and walking on the floor surface.

The best way to clean linoleum floors on an annual or bi annual basis involves a series of steps and the following materials. You can use vinegar and water solution to clean the yellowed linoleum floor. Clean linoleum floors using a homemade baking soda cleaner.

We recommend forbo marmoleum linoleum floor cleaner. Use baking soda for deep cleaning vinegar can be used in conjunction with baking soda to get a linoleum floor really clean. You can use the rug or vacuum cleaner depending on availability.

Once or twice a year a deeper cleaning is needed to remove dirt that has become embedded in the surface and restore the natural beauty. Mop the floor following one of the direction sets above and be sure to dry thoroughly. Get rid of the loose dirt or dust as above.

Apply 1 3 coats of polish in approximately 3 4 square foot areas. To deep clean linoleum flooring baking soda is an excellent additive for power blasting through dirt and grime. While the other ingredients loosen up grease baking soda absorbs the loosened particles and excess moisture.

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