How To Clean Car Mats

A good brush can let you do just that. If you have wondered how to clean car mats with bad stains this is the secret.

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Vacuum the mats again.

How to clean car mats. With the modern lifestyle of eating in your car sweating carting around your pets and children and just general spillage of liquids your car interior really can take a beating. If you feel a simple spot cleaning is in order grab a damp cloth dry cloth and a bottle of stain remover that you trust and follow its instructions by slowly dabbing out any visible stains. Begin by vacuuming the floor mats to remove loose debris and dirt.

You can also use a cleaner designed for car mats available in many auto shops or create your own. Wash with a steam cleaner power wash or washing machine. Rinse them thoroughly then let the mats dry thoroughly.

First vacuum the mats with a handheld vacuum. Then spray with 303 multi surface cleaner which quickly removes even the most stubborn spots from coffee oil grease and ink from virtually any material or surface. It will work great on your rubber or plastic floor mats.

Fill your steam cleaner with upholstery cleaner per the manufacturer s instructions. To clean the car mats in your car take them out of the car if it s possible. The is the best way to clean car mats.

It takes all the extra work out of it for you and eliminates most if not all the stains. Your car interior seems to get dirtier than any other portion of your car even the outside doesn t get as dirty as the inside. Like cleaning the car s carpet cleaning car mats is a simple process.

Remove the car mats from the car and place them on a flat surface. It is highly recommended that the brush you buy is one that has a sturdy handle where you can place your whole hand to control it. If the mats are made of rubber shake them to remove any loose dirt then spray the mats down with a hose.

Use the brush attachment of the steam cleaner to clean each mat. A steam cleaning vacuum or power washer often at car washes work or place the mats in the washing machine with regular detergent and stain remover. The look of a dirty car interior is very unappealing and all hope seems to be lost.

Next wipe down the mats with a cloth dipped in a mixture of hot water laundry soap and baking soda. Obviously the secret weapon is the fels naptha. Leave your mats out to dry in a sunny patch for a few hours to ensure you don t unintentionally give your car a mildew scent.

To fully clean your car mats you need to scrub it with soap or a cleaning solution to ensure that no stains and no bacteria reside on them.

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