How To Clean A Toilet Tank

Simply soak a sponge with clean warm water and spray some cleaner onto the sponge itself. From mildew to hard to tackle calcium deposits vinegar is an inexpensive natural cleaner that dissolves a range of bathroom offenders including toilet tank rust.

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Then wipe down the ball float flapper and other toilet tank workings with the diluted disinfectant.

How to clean a toilet tank. Choose a white vinegar either distilled or the basic white vinegar will work over a colored variety as the latter could stain your toilet. Using vinegar to clean the toilet tank. Knock the stains out with borax vinegar and essential oils.

Scrub down the sides and bottom of the tank until the toilet bowl smells fresh and you remove any obvious signs of dirt and built up grime. Tools you ll need to clean your toilet tank. It removes toilet smells and leaves a fresh scent behind.

Clean the working parts of the tank as well like the ball float and flapper. Scrub your cleaner into the tank. The tea tree oil in this recipe is a beautiful addition too.

Use a scrub brush old toothbrush or scrubby sponge to scrub the cleaner into your tank. Cleaning a toilet tank with vinegar and baking soda is a safe and effective method.

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