How To Clean A Suede Coat

Rub dry uncooked oatmeal all over the suede jacket and let it sit overnight. After every wearing or at least weekly use a soft bristled suede brush on the surface to remove loose dust and soil.

How To Clean A Suede Jacket At Home Ehow Diy Jacket How To Clean Suede Suede Jacket Men

Allow cornstarch to sit on the stain overnight or for several hours.

How to clean a suede coat. Regular brushing will help delay the need for professional cleaning. Brush the oatmeal off in the morning with a nylon brush. Later use a suede brush to remove the cornstarch.

How often to clean a suede coat. Then rub the area to be treated with a stiff brush which has been well soaked in the mixture. If you get caught in the rain allow the damp suede to dry slowly away from direct heat or sunlight.

Sprinkle the stain with a thin layer of cornstarch. You can try a diy clean of you suede jacket using a leather cleaner but this formula must be diluted in a container with twice its volume in warm water. Step 5 rub tenderly leather cleaner all over the suede jacket with the sponge applicator that comes with the cleaner and let it dry.

Then rinse the brush thoroughly and rub again until there is no foam. Use cornstarch to remove sweat or oily stains from suede items.

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