How To Choose Curtains

An easy tip to make the room look higher is to to set the curtain start a few centimetres higher that the windows. Before you take out the tape measure decide how high above the window you d like the curtains to begin.

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If there are patterns or prints on the furniture or a great area rug give serious consideration to solid curtains.

How to choose curtains. Do choose a curtain rod that s wider than your window. If bold is you choice look for fabric with an eye catching color. To balance out the look choose a curtain rod that is 6 to12 inches wider than the window.

The final step in how to choose curtains is to decide on hardware including your curtain rod. If you want everything to blend find a subtle color in the room and use it for the curtains. Hanging panels higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room says cunningham.

Designers often hang curtains about six inches above the window frame but for a dramatic look some go higher. Alternatively pick blackout curtains if you want to block light and noise in rooms like your bedroom to make it easier to sleep. Don t choose curtains that are too narrow.

When choosing curtains consider the overall feel of the room and whether you d like the drapes to be a backdrop or focal point. White ivory and other neutrals are light airy and blend into the space. This will provide some visual interest and will also give you room to move your curtains to the side when you want them open.

Choosing the right windows type however will be the best way to have a warm home. To choose curtains start by picking a fabric such as a durable thick fabric for sunny rooms or a sheer material for dimmer rooms that need more light. Don t hang the curtain rod within the window frame.

Don t hang curtains that are too short. For floor length they should skim the ground. Do pair your curtains with blinds if you want more coverage.

Besides the aesthetic it must be noted that curtains protect from cold therefore choosing the appropriate length will have many advantages. Do ensure your curtains are wide enough so they are full when open and closed. Fortunately most standard curtain rods are adjustable so you can make them smaller or larger as needed.

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