How To Build A Brick Patio

Using a screed fill the area with a 2 inch layer of stone dust in 5 foot sections. Why we use paving bricks.

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The easiest way to install a brick paver patio is the sandset method.

How to build a brick patio. The bricks are laid on the ground over a layer of compacted gravel topped by landscape fabric and a smooth layer of sand. Fill the area between the two pipes with stone dust. Insert bricks end first shoulder to shoulder so they sit flush with the patio surface.

To lay a brick patio start by excavating the site with a shovel and packing it with soil to support the weight of the patio. These border bricks will hold the patio installation in place keeping its constituent bricks from spreading. Next lay down gravel or crushed rock to solidify the foundation and cover the top with landscaping fabric to prevent weeds.

After the bricks are laid you sweep sand into the cracks between the pavers to lock them in place. Make sure the pipes are level with each other to ensure that the patio will be even. To create a screed lay down the two pipes five feet apart and parallel to each other.

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