How To Be A Good Roommate

Respect each others sleep and study habits. Be clear and communicative being forthcoming with your own needs is just as important as being a good listener.

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Be a good roommate and don t hog the temperature.

How to be a good roommate. Make sure you are considerate whenever changing the temperature. If your roommate has any medical conditions like night sweats or anemia then the temperature can be a big deal. Being roommates doesn t mean you have to be best friends.

If your roommate makes plans without including you accept that she has other pals she enjoys hanging out with. Set ground rules early on. As roommates you will likely be sharing a very small space for a long time and both should know what to expect when it comes to things like having friends over studying in the dorm room cleanliness and personal pet peeves.

Besides if you have a positive attitude about her other friends you are likely to be included more often. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how cold or warm you want the room to be. If your roommate has a big test coming up you should probably be quiet and let them study.

If your roommate is busy and stressed with their job give them some time and space to relax and unwind. Be a good listener to your roommate paying attention to them when they re communicating with you and truly hearing what they have to say even if it is through silence. Understand what s going on in your roommate s life and aim to be flexible and accommodating.

Most people resent someone who clings and smothers.

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