How Long Does Grass Seed Stay Viable

Marcin smirnow hemera getty images grass seed like any other plant seed has a finite shelf life. Most grass seed can remain viable for two to three years.

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The average time grass seed can last depends primarily on storage conditions.

How long does grass seed stay viable. For instance an unopened bag of rye grass seed can keep up to 5 years if stored in a dark cool and humidity free area. Also different grass seeds will keep longer than others. If you have more questions on this please contact the company of the grass seed you purchased.

Stored with this kind of care your grass seed may remain viable for as long as five years. Seeds stored in a sealed container in a refrigerator usually enjoy the best longevity. Grass seed stored for more than one year gradually has fewer seeds that would sprout or germinate if planted.

If this isn t practical seek out the coolest location in your home. According to the lawn leader scotts grass seed can be stored for two to three years that is if stored properly.

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