Glass Shower Door Shattered By Itself

At 2 20 this morning i was awoken by the sound of my shower door shattering. However as i lay there and tried to go back to sleep i heard what sounded like water dripping in the bathroom.

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Inside edition reports that over the last five years there have been more than 2 000 trips to american emergency rooms involving injuries from glass shower doors that shattered sometimes without warning.

Glass shower door shattered by itself. Shower door spontaneously shattered serious injury occurred who is liable tenant or landlord. I suffered from a severe hand laceration requiring an er visit and 8 stitches along will multiple small cuts on. So how can a shower door all of a sudden shatter.

Sure glass shower doors look classy right after you ve cleaned them but all that style comes with serious dangers. The glass door can also crack if it s mishandled like if it s roughly opened or closed. The reason tempered glass spontaneously shatters it might have a flaw in the edge or a scratch in the surface.

It is conceivable that some of the exploding shower doors occur because one of the top rollers loosens causing the door to fall an inch or two shattering on impact. I was sleeping pretty soundly so i didn t realize what woke me and i don t remember hearing the crash. I am renting an apartment and got into the shower as i grabbed the handle to start to close the door the glass shattered immediately.

Experts say it could happen if the door was incorrectly installed or if the rubber stoppers or runners on the bottom are damaged. I got up to check it out and found that my shower door was shattered and the sound i was hearing was. Safety glazing generally refers to any type of glass that is engineered to reduce the potential for serious injury.

Originally manufacturers of shower doors were certain that consumers who reported cases of spontaneous shower door explosion were mistaken. Glass shower doors can shatter suddenly tempered glass is designed for safety but can have imperfections. Why are homeowners reporting that their glass door suddenly shattered.

It s called a spontaneous blow and it can happen because the glass is tempered. The other reason is occasionally there s an impurity in the glass when it was melted. A hanging glass shower door that falls from its track for example may shatter quite easily.

The door can slip out of the hinges or out of the track when you open it. Safety glazings are commonly required for sliding glass doors shower doors and patio furniture. A glass shower door can break even if no one s in the bathroom.

After all it s widely known that shower doors and shower panels can shatter if they come loose from their frames and tracks so it s reasonable to believe that this much more understandable phenomenon was at work. Poor edge quality there are many potential causes for spontaneous breakage of tempered glass.

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