Fix A Leaking Shower Arm

All you need is a wrench or plyers teflon t. Install the shower head.

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Well i did anyway.

Fix a leaking shower arm. Next remove the shower head faceplate or the entire shower head from the rest of the shower fixture. You only remember to do something about it every time you get into the shower. Keep in mind that if you tighten the shower arm too much the elbow of the pipe can get damaged.

If the leak is in the elbow the fix is similar. Wrap the clean threads with some nonstick tape. Once again this can be done with a teflon tape.

A plumber might charge you 100 just to come visit your home. This step prevents further leaking from the connection between the shower arm and the showerhead. Unscrew and tape the showerhead arm if the leak is from the wall.

The arm should simply twist into the elbow. An annoying leak from the shower hose. To fix a leaking shower head caused by clogging start by turning off the water supply to your shower head.

Tape http amzn to 2hk849r pliers http amzn to 2iw. You shouldn t need to tighten the showerhead with pliers but if tightening is difficult hold the shower arm with one pair of pliers and tighten the showerhead with another pair. It s not too hard to fix a leaky shower head.

Wrap with nonstick tape. Wrap tightly in a clockwise direction about 3 to 5 turns and cover the threads. Fill a large container with white vinegar and immerse the faceplate or shower head in it for 8 hours.

Clean the shower arm. Sometimes the only thing that should be done is to tighten the shower arm. If that doesn t stop the leak replace the shower arm see below.

If you notice water dripping at the point where the metal pipe the showerhead is attached to meets the wall the pipe threads may not be sealed correctly. Get parts on amazon usa. If this doesn t stop the leak then the fault may be at the elbow.

If it still leaks tighten the showerhead a bit more. If you are having trouble removing the shower arm lubricate it with penetrating oil on the threads of the arm. Grasp the whole pipe including the showerhead and turn it counterclockwise until it comes out from the wall.

Remove the shower arm clean the threads and reinstall or replace the arm. Save money by fixing a leaky shower head yourself. Test the connection for leaks.

Now clean the threaded area of the shower arm with a rag or a brass wire brush. Learn how with this video.

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