Poison Sumac Plant Identification Description

Even talking about poison ivy can cause some people extreme anxiety. Poison sumac toxicodendron vernix also called poison elder poisonous shrub or small tree of the cashew family anacardiaceae native to swampy acidic soils of eastern north america.

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Poison sumac may be identified by its white drupes which are quite different from the red drupes of true rhus species.

Poison sumac plant identification description. Poison sumac doesn t grow as. How to identify poison ivy oak and sumac poison ivy. It has feather like leaves consisting of seven to 13 leaflets each of which tapers to a sharp point.

The plant will quickly recover with new growth after mowing. The leaves have a wavy edge and the undersides are either hairless glabrous or have down like hair pubescent. Like its better known cousin poison ivy the green leaves of poison sumac sure to put a damper on an otherwise pleasant camping trip or another outdoor excursion.

Poison sumac can be quite a large shrub with a thick stem that makes the plant look more like a small tree. The leaf stems contain seven to thirteen leaflets. Poison sumac is a small tree or large shrub with large attractive leaves and white fruits that could be used as an ornamental if it didn t cause severe skin irritation in most people.

Its smaller relatives with 3 parted leaves poison ivyand poison oak have similar irritating properties. The clear sap which blackens on exposure to air contains urushiol and is extremely irritating to the skin for many people. Poison sumac also contains urushiol and shouldn t be touched.

Unlike poison ivy and poison oak this plant s leaves always grow in larger clusters of 7 to 13 per stem. You can get a rash from allowing your skin to brush up against poison sumac even in winter. Poison sumac has reddish stems that are covered in symmetrical rows of leaves.

Touching poison ivy can cause painful rashes sometimes resulting in large painful blisters that sometimes need steroids to cure. Poison sumac leaves can have urushiol filled black or brownish black spots. Poison sumac is a shrub or small tree found in swamps bogs and river banks in the southeastern and northern united states.

If you learn how to identify the plant by its bark then you will be able to avoid coming into contact with poison sumac in winter after it has lost its leaves. Mowing of sumac is not a good control measure since the wood is springy resulting in jagged sharp pointed stumps when mown. This rash producer thrives in the water.

The new bark on the branches is relatively smooth. Poison sumac or toxicodendron vernix is a common north american plant that causes skin irritation to people. It s usually found in swampy or boggy areas where it grows as small tree or tall shrub.

Poison sumac also goes by the name thunderwood in the southeastern us. About 85 of people are allergic to poison ivy. Poison sumac grows to be 6 to 20 feet high.

The leaves on a poison sumac are angled slightly upward and they re smooth and oblong shaped.

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